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Benefits of an Unorganised Office

This blog is going to differ from our normal blogs as we take a slant on our usual style. Whilst we love to share our expert tips with you on a regular basis on subjects such as how to stay hydrated in the office, and how to make a great first impression, in this blog we’re going to share the benefits of having an unorganised office.

Of course, all of these are rubbish and we don’t agree with them at all. You can find a section at the bottom to explain why the benefits we’ve stated aren’t actually a good idea.

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Ways to make a great first impression

A business is only ever as strong or as weak as its brand. A business’ brand encapsulates everything that makes the business special. It represents an ideal and a set of standards. It should serve as a microcosm for everything that entrepreneurs want their businesses to be and to be perceived as.

The trouble is that your target clientele are exposed to a multitude of brands. Every day they are flooded with messages and adverts from a wide array of brands. Some of them may even be your competitors. As a result, they will likely have established a subconscious “screening process” that filters out any message that they perceive as irrelevant or unworthy.

In this context, it’s more important than ever that you make the right first impression on your prospects. Here are some great ways to make the very best one you can on the people who matter the most to your business.

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The Importance of Staying Hydrated in the Office

The office space forms the heartbeat of any business. In order to keep in ticking nicely, it’s imperative that all staff members are able to perform at the optimum level. While office managers and company directors will naturally place a huge emphasis on the equipment, staff culture, and employee training, it’s easy to forget some of the equally telling issues. Hydration levels are very much top of the agenda.

Ensuring that you (and all other workers) are drinking enough water at work may not feel like the most significant ingredient in the recipe for success, but it could make all the difference.

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New Year New Office? 5 Factors to Consider When Creating an Office Layout

Is it time for you to move into new office premises? Or maybe expanding and opening brand-new office spaces? Or do you just need a re-jig of your current workspace?

You don’t necessarily have to completely move offices in 2019 to give yourself a new office to enjoy. If you are moving buildings or looking for a revamp, start off by considering what office furniture could do with an update and go for a change.

Changing up your office space can be overwhelming – particularly if you’ve never overseen an interior makeover before. The design of your workspace is more important than you think. The way that this office is laid out can directly influence the way that people work and the efficiency of the business that you are running.

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What Does Your Business Card Say About You?

First impressions are easy to make and hard to break. It is therefore essential that you present yourself and your business in the best light possible.

From the way you dress to the language you use there are a host of factors contributing to your professionalism as well as ones you may otherwise overlook; your business card. Following our guide to networking post, we thought we should tackle the factors of a great business card with our top tips. Have a look below!

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Our Top Tips for a Healthier Workforce

Everyday thousands of UK residents wake up and head straight to the office, spending the next eight hours glued to their desks.

And whilst we commend this clear dedication and productivity, many are putting themselves at risk of unhealthy lifestyles often associated with the office environment.

Therefore, we thought both employers and employees alike could do with a few tips to ensure that they are promoting a healthy office lifestyle as much as possible. Read on for more information:

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Top 10 Things you could be doing when waiting for your computer to start up at work

So you’ve got yourself into work promptly and you are now sat at your office desk waiting for your PC to start up. Thing is you know it takes roughly 10 minutes to get your computer going – but what to do in the meantime? Especially if you’re conscientious about waiting around whilst you’re on work time?

You could kick back, pop the kettle on and grab a cuppa but you know in your game every second count so let’s not go there.

Happily, we’ve got 10 ideas on the things you can do when waiting for your PC to boot up. These might just help you get out of the office on time later this evening!

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