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Benefits of an Unorganised Office

Benefits of an Unorganised Office Featured - Office Supermarket

This blog is going to differ from our normal blogs as we take a slant on our usual style. Whilst we love to share our expert tips with you on a regular basis on subjects such as how to stay hydrated in the office, and how to make a great first impression, in this blog we’re going to share the benefits of having an unorganised office.

Of course, all of these are rubbish and we don’t agree with them at all. You can find a section at the bottom to explain why the benefits we’ve stated aren’t actually a good idea.

You get to go on a treasure hunt every day to find what you want

Everyone loves a treasure hunt, right? Well, get ready to have one every 30 minutes! Thanks to your unorganised office and desk, no items or stationary has a home so when you desperately need to find something in a timely manner, you can enter yourself into your very own treasure hunt. Perfect for when you’re on a deadline and need something to distract you from any stress you might be facing.

Whether it’s scissors to get into that delivery box you’ve been excited for, or a stapler you need before sending out some important documentation, we wish you luck.

Organise your office – we know this isn’t the kind of treasure hunt you like and, of course, it’s going to be adding further stress to your day which isn’t needed. Invest in pedestals to keep your most used items right next to you and off your clean desk.

Or, for larger items or less frequently used supplies like reams of paper or printer ink, you can get a cupboard with doors to keep them hidden away to keep the office looking neat.

You don’t have to work as hard because you’ll be constantly distracted

Sometimes on a Monday morning after a great weekend, we’re just not in the mood to work and that’s ok. With an unorganised desk, this mood can be considerably extended throughout the whole week! With a full desk of distractions and random items getting in the way of what you need, we can almost guarantee that productivity will never be at the forefront of your mind.

Organise your office – We actually recommend using the first hour of a Monday morning to get organised for your week to ensure you are focused and get your tasks ticked off your list before the weekend comes around again.

If your desk is a bit messy from the week before, use this time to do your shredding, wipe the finger marks of your screen and polish the desk and area around you.

It’s your excuse to procrastinate completing your risk assessments

Health and safety isn’t a fun subject so you’d be forgiven for avoiding it. You don’t want to have to assess the risks until you know the office is risk-free anyway, right? Then you can save on all that paperwork and precious time. So for as long as your wires are knotted into a big mess and items are laid out on the ground creating a trip hazard, there’s just no point in doing your risk assessments.

Organise your office – An unorganised office is a massive breach of health and safety, particularly if it’s involving trip hazards which causes the most amount of accidents in the workplace.

Safety of yourself and your staff should be at the forefront of your mind and nothing should get in the way of this. Don’t use an unorganised office as an excuse to not complete your risk assessments.

And then if you do find some risks that relate to your messy office, that should be a strong indicator that it’s time to sort it out.

Do you need some help?

An organised office starts with some sturdy office furniture to help file store all of your supplies in a neat fashion.

Whether it’s a coat rack to keep your outerwear out of sight when not in use, a filing cabinet to store away important paperwork or a pedestal to keep your essentials close by but off the desk, we’d love to help.

Give our experts a call on 0344 755 3018 and we’d be happy to point you in the direction of the furniture to best suit your needs and budget.

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