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Titan Chairs

Our wide range of Titan chairs give you a cost-effective, high standard and quality option for classroom seating. Available in multiple different colours to suit your schools colour scheme, our Titan classroom chairs ensure your students have a comfortable place to sit in their day-to-day school life, aiding productivity, concentration and behaviour.

As well as the range of colours and designs our Titan chairs are available in a variety of sizes based on age group, from 3-4, 4-6, 6-8, 8-11, 11-14 and 14 plus, making our classroom chairs ideal for both primary, secondary and further education needs. Made from high quality materials and with a 10 year or 20 year guarantee based on product, high standards are assured for a long period of time, giving you peace of mind for the foreseeable future. Quantity is not an issue either as you can place a bulk buy order by getting in touch with our friendly customer services team.

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  • Arc Mobile Chair 4 Leg TC Group Forest
    Save £28.00
    Next day

    Arc Mobile Chair

    Original price £98.00
    Current price £70.00 Inc Vat

    Whether you are looking to modernise office spaces or educational settings to enhance productivity or improve the setting's aesthetic, the Arc mob...

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  • Arc Skid Chair 4 Leg TC Group 430mm Forest
    Next day

    Arc Skid Chair

    from £69.00 Inc Vat

    The Arc skid chair has been carefully curated and manufactured for its use in conference rooms, lecture halls and modernised office spaces. Its 's...

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  • Arc Swivel Chair Classroom Chair TC Group Forest
    Save £37.00
    Next day

    Arc Swivel Chair

    Original price £124.00
    Current price £87.00 Inc Vat

    The Arc swivel chair is a highly portable chair that promotes flexible working spaces; this is a quality that directly translates into classroom p...

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  • Arc Four Leg Chair 4 Leg TC Group 430mm Forest
    Next day

    Arc Four Leg Chair

    £66.00 Inc Vat

    The four-leg Arc chair is a multipurpose product designed for conference rooms, seminar halls, education and modernised office spaces. Whatever it...

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