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New Year New Office? 5 Factors to Consider When Creating an Office Layout

Is it time for you to move into new office premises? Or maybe expanding and opening brand-new office spaces? Or do you just need a re-jig of your current workspace?

You don’t necessarily have to completely move offices in 2019 to give yourself a new office to enjoy. If you are moving buildings or looking for a revamp, start off by considering what office furniture could do with an update and go for a change.

Changing up your office space can be overwhelming – particularly if you’ve never overseen an interior makeover before. The design of your workspace is more important than you think. The way that this office is laid out can directly influence the way that people work and the efficiency of the business that you are running.

You want to be able to design an office that looks good, feels good and provides a purpose that doesn’t waste the time of the workers within it. It’s got to be efficient while impressing clients that are visiting, all at the same time.

The office furniture that you currently have may not fit into the new office layout that you have in mind, so one of the best office tips that you can get is to think about your budget before you start the design process.

The last thing that you want to do is come up with a design for your office, only for it to go down the toilet because you didn’t factor in the cost of all your excellent ideas. With all of that in mind, it’s important to look ahead, and with these five tips, your office design could be rocking your business for the year ahead.

Plan To Scale

When you are drawing up office furniture layouts, think about using the office space to scale in your planning — ensuring that you have correctly analysed the area that you’re using for both existing staff and the furniture.

You should also forward-plan for any growth you believe that your company may have, including anticipatory staff members that you could recruit in-house as well as outsourced. When you know what space you need, you can then create the right plans that can accommodate your needs both now and in the future.

Think PartitionsOffice Layout Image - Office Supermarket

Thinking about partitions in open spaces is an excellent idea for segmentation. Desk mounted screens are the best option here because you’re not only maximising floor space but they’re easier to install and can look very uniform in the office area. They give the feel of being highly professional as well as being a great way to plan out private spaces for conversations and even to segment teams.

Don’t Underestimate Your Future

Underestimation of your ability to scale your business could kill it. You need to ensure that when you’re planning your office furniture and office layout, you’re thinking about the possibility of hiring in the future.

The last thing you want to do is to forget to plan extra desk space because then you’ll have to compromise on break out areas and meeting rooms to make room for new people and their workstations.

Lighting Is Important!

Natural lighting is important, but the lighting, in general, is a must for a business. Having natural light throughout the office will encourage staff to feel motivated and productive, and you can ensure that this is the general feel for the office if you enhance your lighting.

Adding desks with lamps, overhead lights and minimizing big office furniture that would break up this light is essential for the health of your staff. People thrive on feeling lit up – especially on bright days outside. Factoring in natural light will make a massive difference to the motivation of your people.

Furnish Beautifully

Think about your furniture with as much concentration as you would for your own home. Your office furniture must be ergonomic, comfortable and look good.

It must be uniform, and it has to be professional enough to impress your clients and staff when they walk in the door. Not only that, your furniture has to be functional. There’s no use you spending money on items that you don’t need, so you must plan ahead for your furniture, and you should prepare properly for what you need.

Your whole office layout should be fun, professional and it should work for you as much as possible. Designing your office with clients, staff and furniture in mind is how you get that new office you’ve dreamed of having.

It’s time now to think about what you want for your space and go and upgrade where you can!

Let us help

We have a full range of office furniture from computer desks, to executive chairs, and also everything you’ll need for meeting room furniture, reception areas and even the classroom.

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