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Top 10 Things you could be doing when waiting for your computer to start up at work

10 Things To Do Whilst Waiting For Your Computer To Start Up Featured Image

So you’ve got yourself into work promptly and you are now sat at your office desk waiting for your PC to start up. Thing is you know it takes roughly 10 minutes to get your computer going – but what to do in the meantime? Especially if you’re conscientious about waiting around whilst you’re on work time?

You could kick back, pop the kettle on and grab a cuppa but you know in your game every second count so let’s not go there.

Happily, we’ve got 10 ideas on the things you can do when waiting for your PC to boot up. These might just help you get out of the office on time later this evening!


1)      Make a task list – you should know roughly what you need to achieve at work today, so rather than keep it in your head write it down and then prioritise them.


2)     Find a comfy office sofa and read a Business Book – well a chapter at least if you’ve got 10 minutes and if you’re not sure which type of book to read check out the following section on Amazon.


3)      Instead of running out to the mobile sandwich seller at 10-15am why not pop out to a nearby shop and grab one there – who knows you’ll get some exercise AND probably find it way cheaper too with discounts on offer!


4)      Ask a co-worker what they’re struggling with, get them to talk through what’s needed and then give them a quick hand. Let them know you’ve got a spare few minutes and happy to help them out on any small non-computerised task.


5)      Filing – step up and do the filing, it’s not always the job of the office junior. If its already filed spend a few minutes on each folder checking they’re all up-to-date.


6)      Shredding – if there is any waste paper lying around, get it shredded and ready into a recycling bag. It’s better to do a small bit every day than leave it for months and then have to spend days shredding all that paperwork!


7)      Check the stationery cupboard, is everything up to date and in stock? Nothing worse than running out of paper, ink cartridges or pens!


8)      Make a phone call to a work or business colleague, if it’s just a quick hello go for it, just tell the other person your computer is down for scheduled maintenance if they ask you to review a file via email. J


9)      Tidy up your desk, empty bins – so much better to work in a clean and tidy environment (says the author with a stack of paperwork and other bits and pieces on his desk right now)


10)   Log in to your voicemail and listen to any messages whilst your waiting for your computer, that way you can then add any tasks from these into your list (see step 1)


Ultimately if your computer is taking far too long to start up you might want to take a look and see if you can fix that. We spoke to Mark Burgess of IT Consultants, Refresh IT based near Bristol and he advised the following:

“It is always worth checking what programs are being run at Start Up as these can seriously slow your machine down at boot up. I’d recommend you ask your own IT provider first before following any of these steps or if you don’t have an IT company suggest you talk to one!

There’s a little program called MSConfig.exe you can run and then turn off programs that attempt to run at startup. You can reduce the load on the computer which can then help start up more quickly.

Another way is to clear out any temporary files being held in Windows on your machine, this is highly beneficial and you should also run regular Disk Cleanup operations to make sure any other files not needed can be safely removed.”

We’d recommend you contact a professional IT provider in that case, but it sounds like its worth it if it does speed up your computer!

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