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What Are the Best Reception Desks for a Business?

What Are the Best Reception Desks For My Office?

The Best Office Reception Desk

Reception desks are often the first things customers or clients see when they arrive at a business’s office or headquarters. First impressions count, so it’s important to make sure you choose the perfect design and size.

Think of your reception desk — and the person behind it — as your shop window. What a client thinks about it as they approach it for the first time could determine whether or not they choose to do business with you.

The best reception desks are as functional as they are attractive. They blend in with their surroundings, yet they also stand out as the epicentre of a business’s operations.

To help you decide between modular, slim, curved and all the other types of reception desks available today, we’ve put together a short buyer’s guide for businesses.

Modern reception desk

What to Consider When Buying Reception Desks

There are many different types of reception desks available in the UK today, so choosing the best one for your premises may not be straightforward. Think about the flow of your office and how it operates. Reception desks should be functional, and they should complement the decor that surrounds them. But they should stand out with authority and purpose.

Here are a few tips for choosing the best reception desks for business.

Measure Up

Before you buy a reception desk, you need to know that it’s the right size for the available space in your office. If it’s too small, it’ll look just like any other desk. If it’s too large, it’ll look out of place and awkward.

Decide on Placement

In which direction will your new reception desk face? Will it point to a lift, window or office door? Is there a waiting area right by the reception area? How will traffic get by? And where will the reception desk be most visible? These are all questions you should have answered by the time you buy reception desks.

Decide on the Best Shape

The shape of reception desks often determines how well they complement their surroundings and serve the business. A corner reception desk saves space, but it might not always be immediately obvious. A curved reception desk is good for making the best possible use of space. A slim reception desk is perfect for small offices where space is at a premium. And a modular reception desk works well if more than one person will be working at it. This might happen if you have several departments.

Types of Reception Desk

Whether you’re a small business or a national headquarters, there are reception desks at Office Supermarket that make the best possible use of space. To choose the right one, you need to know what they are and what they can bring to your office.

Wood Reception Desks

For a timeless aesthetic, low maintenance and functionality, it’s hard to beat a wood reception desk. Available in MDF, wood veneer, oak, beech, walnut and many other types of wood, this attractive option is perfect for traditional office spaces.


The Z2 Lacquered Front Reception Desk with DDA Right Hand is a perfect example of what’s possible when wood is used to create a contemporary reception desk. Available in two sizes and nine different counter-top finishes, this premium product comes in walnut and elm. And the laminated worktop ensures it can withstand the regular punishment that’s common in busy workplaces.

Small Reception Desks

If you have a small office, you probably don’t want to overpower it with large reception desks. Something functional and compact will do the job and fit in with its surroundings. Fortunately, there’s a great selection of small reception desks at Office Supermarket.


One of the best examples of a small reception desk is the Simple Reception Desk, which is available in beech, walnut, grey oak and white finishes. This quality product features a high shelf, a shielded desk for one receptionist and a heat-resistant surface — so you don’t have to worry about marks left by an endless supply of tea and coffee.

Corner Reception Desk

When space is tight or the office is awkwardly shaped, you need to make use of every square inch of floor space. A corner reception desk is perfect, as it can be positioned in dead space without interrupting the office’s flow. And you probably won’t need to sacrifice a working desk to make room for it.


Take the Allure Corner Reception Desk, for instance. Attractive, simple and highly functional, this sleek item of office furniture is available in left and right orientations and two sizes. There’s a solid countertop and a private desk — giving you everything you need for a small and functional reception area.

Curved reception desk 


Curved Reception Desk

A curved reception desk is great for saving space and squeezing reception areas into awkward recesses of the office. It’s also a good way to fit more than one receptionist behind a desk. Another advantage is the ability to differentiate your reception desk from all the other desks in your office.


There are several high-quality curved reception desks to choose from at Office Supermarket. One of the most impressive is the Denver Large Curved Complete Reception Desk. Available in beech or white, this premium product comes complete with raised countertops, cable management and storage.

Slim Reception Desk

When space is tight and you need to ensure people can move freely in and through your reception area, a slim reception desk is the perfect solution. Compact and unobtrusive, this simple addition to your office can create a great first impression among visitors without sacrificing productive working space.


At a depth of just 740mm, the Cosy Reception Desk is a perfect example of how a slim design can still be attractive and functional. Complete with a modesty panel and integrated cable management, this premium item of office furniture is perfect for contemporary workspaces.     

Modular Reception Desk

A modular reception desk helps you to create a multi-functional reception area — perfect when you need to create different sections for different departments or purposes. The Denver Extra Large Curved Complete Reception Desk is a great example of this, as it’s divided into modular sections with two separate workspaces for receptionists.

Concrete Reception Desk

A concrete reception desk is sturdy, hear-wearing and aesthetically unique. Take the Z2 Lacquered Front Reception Desk, for example. This stylish piece of office furniture features a laminated worktop, front and side panels and a range of bespoke design options. Its overhanging countertop gives this item a look all of its own.     

Buy Reception Desks at Office Supermarket

Office Supermarket is home to dozens of premium office reception desks. Choose from a range of types, sizes, designs and colour options — depending on the specific needs of your business. And when you’ve found the perfect product, order it with express delivery to any address within the UK mainland. Look out for products with next-day delivery available if you need your new reception desk in a hurry.                  



What size of reception desk should I get?


Your next reception desk should be easy to identify but not overpowering. It should be accessible and functional without taking up valuable working space or getting in the way. Too big, and it runs the risk of looking squeezed in and out of place. Too small, and your reception desk will look like an afterthought — blending in with the other furniture in the space. Measure the available area before you start shopping for reception desks.

How do I know what type of reception desk I should buy?


This depends on a range of factors, including your office’s decor, the available space, the number of people working at the desk and the image you’re trying to convey. Start by choosing the location for your new reception desk and making space for it. And ask the opinion of your colleagues. The perfect option should be fairly easy to find. But if you need help, take a few moments to browse the high-quality reception desks at Office Supermarket for inspiration.


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