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Office Desk Buyers Guides

  • Office Desk Buyers Guide
    November 19, 2021 Sean Harris

    Office Desk Buyers Guide

    Take a look at our office desk buying guide designed to help you navigate the different types of desks available and the pro's and cons of each type, From simple cantilever desks to height adjustable desks and bench desks we have it covered in our buyers guide.
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  • 3 Surprising Benefits Of A Height Adjustable Desk
    July 29, 2021 Paul Randall

    3 Surprising Benefits Of A Height Adjustable Desk

    We seem to hear a great deal of statistics and facts when it comes to office workers and their health, more so in recent years than ever before. But what has changed? Whilst those who work at desks have always been prone to more health issues, these consequences are becoming more frequent as the ways of the modern world take hold.
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