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So What Actually Is Lumbar Support?

 What Is Lumbar Support?


One of the most common ailments suffered by people who spend long periods of time at a desk is back pain. In fact, lower back pain is one of the most common causes of pain-related work absence in the UK today. Lumbar support is a feature of modern, ergonomic office chairs that provides support for the lower back and promotes good posture.


Investing in a lumbar support office chair is a great way to improve morale and productivity in an office environment. When used correctly, the lumbar support feature can take weight away from the lower back, provide support and facilitate the perfect sitting position. There are dozens to choose from right here at Office Supermarket, but which one is best for you or your office? We take a look at some of the best.


What Is Lumbar Support And Why Is It Important?


The lumbar refers to the lower part of the back. Lumbar support is a design feature or function of an office chair that is designed to sit flush with the user’s lower back. The ultimate aim of lumbar support is to maintain the natural, inward curvature of the spine. When this is achieved, the pain, immobility and stiffness caused by a poor sitting posture can be greatly reduced or, in some cases, completely eradicated.


As back pain is such a serious problem among the UK’s office workforce, investing in lumbar support office chairs makes sound economic sense. While ergonomic office chairs are more expensive than most alternatives, they can save a business many hours of absence related to back pain.


How Does Lumbar Support Work?


There are slightly different approaches to lumbar support from different manufacturers, but the principles usually remain the same. Take the Bilbao Fabric Operators Chair with Lumbar Support and No Arms, for example. All of the lumbar support in this product is delivered by the shape and contour of the backrest.


However, when answering the question ‘what is lumbar support’ the basic principles are always the same. Additional support and contact is built into the chair’s design to ensure it provides both support and corrective positioning for the lower spine.


In some chairs, the lumbar support is built into the chair. This means that it changes when you make changes to the height of the seat or the tilt of the backrest. But some chairs feature independently controlled lumbar support — offering an unrivalled level of customised support for the lower back.


That’s certainly true of the Maxi Ergo Office Chair with Lumbar Pump (Black). The combination of an inflatable lumbar support section and an Asynchro torsion mechanism allows the user to make tiny adjustments to the nature of the support being provided.


A lot of pain comes from sitting in a position that isn’t conducive to maintaining the spine’s natural curve. The cushioning and supportive effects of lumbar support encourage users not to slouch while they’re working at their desks.


How To Sit With Lumbar Support?

To reap all the benefits of an ergonomic office chair with lumbar support, you need to know how to sit properly. But for a lot of people, this takes some getting used to. While slouching might seem more comfortable at first, it can do serious damage to your lower back and shoulders over time.


The optimal sitting position requires the following:


  • Sitting with your feet flat on the floor
  • Sitting with your forearms level with the desk and parallel to the floor
  • Sitting upright
  • Sitting with your shoulders straight and pinned back
  • Sitting with your thighs parallel to the floor


Ideally, you should be an arm’s length away from your computer screen. Crucially, however, you should be able to feel the lumbar support of your office chair resting against your back. If you can’t, you may need to sit further back or bring the backrest forward.


Unfortunately, the tendency of many is to perch on the edge of their office chair. While this might feel more natural, it could be doing significant damage to the lower back, shoulders and neck.


If you find yourself perched on the end of your office chair, sit back into the backrest until you can feel the support in your lower back. Depending on the chair, an adjustment to the seat height or backrest angle might make this easier.

Correct and bad sitting position infographic


Where Do You Put Lumbar Support? 


If you don’t position yourself in the right place on your chair, you’ll never enjoy the benefits of a high-quality lumbar support office chair.


Take a moment to identify the arch in your spine. Stand up straight, and feel the lower part of your spine. You should be able to feel the curve of the lower part of the S-shaped curvature That’s where the lumbar support needs to rest.


A good office chair with lumbar support mirrors the curvature of the human spine. And the best ones have independently operated mechanisms that allow for the smallest of changes and adaptations.


Lumbar Support Office Chairs


Office Supermarket is home to a huge range of lumbar support office chairs. Available in a wide range of styles, colours and fabrics, this selection is easily one of the largest in the UK.


Whether you’re in the market for in-built lumbar support, independently operated lumbar

Support or a combination of both, you can’t fail to find the perfect option right here.


One of the most popular products with lumbar support is the Bilbao Fabric Operators Chair with Lumbar Support and Adjustable Arms. Available in blue or black, this premium product features a sculpted foam seat that matches the natural curvature of the spine. The addition of adjustable arms promotes the optimum sitting position in order to take full advantage of the lumbar support on offer.


The Bilbao Fabric Operators Chair with Lumbar Support and Fixed Arms offers the same level of comfort but for a slightly lower price. Available in blue or black, this premium ergonomic office chair moulds itself to the natural curvature of the spine with ease.


For added luxury and additional comfort, take a look at the Lumbar Massage Faux Leather Office Chair. Characterised by thick padding, luxury faux leather and upholstered armrests, this quality chair comes with a mains-operated massage mechanism. The user can enjoy a soothing massage in the lumbar area while they work — perfect for maintaining productivity during long periods at a computer screen.




Is lumbar support important?

Yes, lumbar support is crucial to a person’s posture. It’s also proven to relieve and prevent back pain — and all the related problems it can cause. When people are more comfortable at work, they’re more productive. That’s why paying a little more for lumbar support office chairs is a sound business decision.


How do you use a lumbar support chair? 

The main thing to get right is the position of your lower back. The curvature in the lower part of your back must sit snugly with the contour of the lumbar support area of the chair. You will need to adopt the ideal sitting posture and make the necessary adjustments to the chair to achieve this position.


What is lumbar support good for? 

Lumbar support takes weight away from a vulnerable part of your spine and promotes the optimum sitting position.


Is lumbar support really necessary?

If you can maintain the perfect sitting position at work for long periods without suffering from back pain or stiffness, you may not need lumbar support. However, as back problems can arise at any time, lumbar support is considered by many as a preventative measure.


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