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5 Office Interior Design Ideas - Refreshing Your Office

5 Office Interior Design Ideas - Refreshing Your Office

Office interior design has a big impact on our working culture and how employees perform at businesses, with offices evolving over the years to suit the needs of modern workers. In this article, we will take you through our top 5 office interior design ideas to refresh your office. From using your companies brand colours to incorporating multipurpose spaces, these ideas will ensure that you provide your employees with the best possible working environment.

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1. Make use of your brand’s colours

When designing your office, it is important that your workplace reflects your brand and its personality. Choosing a colour scheme including the colours of your brand will make your office more representative of your company, as well as making your workspace more consistent in style. The colours of your working environment can have a powerful psychological impact on your staff and visitors to your business. So, it is essential that you have produced an environment that will positively affect the mood and productivity of your people. Try incorporating your brand colours into your office design to see how it could impact your workplace.

2. Incorporate Multi-Purpose Spaces

In modern offices, it is essential to promote collaboration and versatility. By incorporating multi-purpose spaces at your office, you allow your employees to have a highly functional working environment so they can complete their jobs properly. Not only will this design idea make your office more attractive it will allow you to keep up with the demands of today in fast-paced working environments. This could include spaces for workers to take a mental break and also casual meeting areas to allow your employees to collaborate more effectively. Adding lounge areas is also a great idea as this can serve as both meeting places and a space where your employees can relax during breaks and lunch hours. This could have a great effect on the efficiency of your workplace so try creating more multi-purpose areas to benefit your employees.

3. Free Up Space with Modern Furniture

Space is everything in offices so if your workplace is feeling cramped with old and redundant furniture it is time to switch this up with modern alternatives. It is vital to think small and simple here, swapping big bulky desks with ergonomic adjustable height desks that will maximise your space to clear cutter and allow more space for technology. Using minimalist furniture can have a visual effect of making your spaces look and feel much bigger as they take up much less space. Another problem you may find in your workspace is having cords and wires everywhere due to your use of technology. To prevent these electronics from causing accidents, you should consider adding cable management accessories to your office. Not only will this keep your cables more organised and look neater, but it will also stop any unnecessary tripping hazards from being present in your office.

4. Create an Active Environment for Employees

In our previous article, we covered the health issues that are associated with office work, and how employees could benefit from active offices. Creating an active environment for employees will be highly beneficial in improving your staff’s working life and will lower their chances of facing health problems in the future.  To create a more active environment we recommend opening up your workspace to allow employees to have more space to walk around and take breaks. We also recommend providing your employees with a break room which allows them to relieve any stress and boost morale. To do this you could give your staff room or canteen a makeover by adding a coffee machine or introducing healthy snack options to promote good mental health, wellbeing and healthier lifestyles.

5. Add Natural Elements to Your Workspace

Elements of nature in offices not only adds style but also has an impact on employees, as they increase appeal and also help to clean and purify the indoor air in your workplace. Decorating offices with plants is shown to increase productivity and make a workspace more attractive for employees which helps to decrease stress levels at work. As well as plants, elements such as stone accents and water features are also found to have positive impacts on employees, alongside enhancing the appearance of your working environment. So, if you are looking to improve the interior design of your office you should try adding natural elements to your premises with biophilic design.

If your office is due a makeover, try our 5 office interior design ideas today to see how you could transform your workplace. You will find an exceptional selection of office furniture that would be a great fit to any workspace here at Office Supermarket, including modern office chairs and desks. Browse our commercial office furniture now or contact us today if you require more information on how our products could benefit your workplace.

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