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Maximising Efficiency in the Office

How To Maximise Efficiency In The Office

Every manager wants their office to be as efficient as possible to increase productivity and output. Maximising efficiency in the office can not only boost your profit margins, but it will also improve your employee's morale and ensure your processes remain successful. There are many methods to make your workplace more efficient, so in this article, we will look into several of these methods to benefit your company.

Measure tasks and processes

Measuring the tasks completed in your office seems like a simple idea, however when you are tracking every part of your processes it makes life much easier in the workplace. By using project management systems to log employee tasks you can clearly identify how long each task takes, what has already been done and the tasks you have left to do. This will result in your processes becoming more transparent for employees, which in turn will lead to a more efficient office. The use of spreadsheets or task management software can lead to higher productivity as employees will become more motivated to tick off more tasks and complete their workload. Start measuring all of your tasks and processes now to maximise efficiency in your office.

Focus on regular training and development

Training and development are essential in any workplace to ensure that your workforce is continuously improving and developing their skills to be the best at their role. This is no different in offices as you need to get the most out of your employees. By hosting regular training and development opportunities, you will expand employees skillsets to create a more advanced workforce. This will, therefore, benefit your business in the long run as your people will be consistently improving through training which will lead to better productivity and efficiency over a long term period. Increase your focus on training and development now to see how it could impact your efficiency.

Provide a clean and comfortable working environment

Providing a clean and comfortable working environment is another idea that seems very simple, however, this can have a big impact on productivity and efficiency in your workplace. Cluttered desks and hard chairs can lead to discomfort and a distractive environment which will decrease productivity in your office. So, by having a clean office desk and comfortable desk chairs, efficiency is very likely to increase as your environment will allow your employees to have a clear headspace to work at a great output. A happy and healthier workplace will lead to maximising efficiency in the office so your company will witness greater productivity and results.

Make use of available technology

Technology is forever advancing and there is a lot of products, programs and apps available to us to aid our work and help us to become more productive. Whether it is sharing documents via Google drive to allow collaboration or time & task tracking with project management apps, the use of technology can allow you to increase your efficiency. The use of the latest technology can enhance communication, allow greater flexibility and also allows you to better monitor the processes you have in place. So, if you are not currently making the most of the technology available to your business, you should make the change today to positively impact the efficiency of your workforce.

Implement non-traditional working schedules and hours

Non-traditional work schedules have become increasingly popular over the last 5 years with the introduction of split shifts and flexi-time. This has allowed employees to be more in control of the hours they work and results in better work/life balances. With employees working their preferred hours, their output and productivity increase with this as you have access to your workforce during times of peak performance. The outcome of this is better results for your company and more importantly, you will keep your staff happy with flexible working hours. Try implementing non-traditional working hours and work schedules at your office to see how this could affect your employees.

Communicate effectively

Effective communication is massively important to any business that is looking to maximise efficiency in their office. Communication should be much better today as we have so much technology available to us, however, we still continue to spend hours on emails daily which lowers our productivity. If your employees are spending hours on emails then you should consider alternative methods of communication, as this can lead to other tasks being delayed. To avoid long email communication, consider picking up the phone or meeting face to face as this can often solve problems much quicker than an email would. You could also look into using communication tools like Microsoft dynamics AX or Ooma to facilitate better communication amongst your staff.

Now you know what to do for maximising efficiency in the office it is over to you to implement these methods at your workplace. If you are looking to improve your office environment for a clean and more comfortable environment, browse our office furniture now for superb chairs and desks ideal for your business. Alternatively, contact us today if you have any questions or require further information on any of our products.

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