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Should You Spend As Much Time Choosing Your Office Chair As You Do Your Car?

Should You Spend As Much Time Choosing Your Office Chair As You Do Your Car?

Whilst workers may not be back in the office full time, you will spend on average around 8 hours a day, 5 days a week in your office chair, that’s roughly 2000 hours a year! However, we imagine most of you will spend no more than 20 minutes online searching for a cheap ‘that will do’ chair before you go ahead and buy.

How about when you buy a car? Do you purchase the first one you see based on the price and photos provided? Probably not. But for the majority of office workers you spend less time in your car seat than your office chair. Perhaps more consideration for such an important purchase would result in less pains and aches and equate for happier workers?

Before you start we recommend you check out our essential guide to choosing your office chair.

1)      Do your research!

Just as you would when buying a car, research what is available for sale in the office furniture market. How will you know what to buy if you don’t know what you want?

There’s an abundance of pages and comments dedicated to people moaning about their office chair. Just search "my office chair is killing me" in Twitter and you’ll be presented with hundreds of complaints and reasons not buy a specific model. So you don’t get stuck with a back breaker!

2)      Make a list of the chairs that catch your eye around the office.

Just as you would notice a good looking car when driving down the road on your way to work, you’ll probably spot some desirable chairs around the office too. The chair may look pleasant, but take note of your colleagues, ask yourself if they look comfortable, or are they attempting to stretch out their backs in their lunch hours? If so, perhaps put those chairs to the back of your mind and focus on your co-workers leaving with a spring in their step at the end of the day.

3)      Ergonomics

Your vehicle (or office chair!) ergonomics are essential to everyday comfort. Your feet should be flat against the floor ensuring that your knees and legs are at a 90 degree angle and your back is rested comfortably against the back of the chair. Just like purchasing a flashy BMW or Porsche, buying an Office Supermarket office chair you’ll want to show it off, especially when you’re colleagues are crying in the corner with dead legs and a sore back.

For a stylish new chair at work and generate envious looks from your colleagues take a look at our Chachi Ergonomic Mesh Office Chair.

Its contemporary high back design and integrated head rest is no competition to the comfort available from a brand new BMW 4 Series Coupe. A comfortable position is always possible with height adjustability options just as the designers of the BMW 2 Series have produced. See, ergonomics of an office chair are just as important as the ergonomics of some of the world’s leading car brands.

4)      Desirability and design

When considering design you should look at contouring, colour, fabric and padding. Contouring will again minimise back pain, padding should protect you from a numb bottom and the colour shade and fabric will make you stand out in the office.

Take our highly desirable Chiro Plus Orthopaedic Chair for example. Not only is it a chiropractor approved chair but just look at that stunning colour! It is the next generation of comfort seating; something that's highly desirable in the office world.

Just like a quality built Porsche compared to an old, rickety Escort, you are greeted with quality fabric office chair and a very stylish "I want one" design.

The only difference is that all our chairs are in stock, and for that desirable "must-have" chair we won’t keep you on a three month waiting list!

So next time you're checking out a replacement chair for your office please do take more than 5 minutes before settling for a cheap one... treat it a bit like buying a new car, it will really pay huge dividends in the end for your back if not your wallet!

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