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Small Office Ideas To Make The Most Of Your Space

Small Office Ideas To Make The Most Of Your Space

Small office ideas can truly transform the place that you conduct business. Not every office building is blessed with large amounts of space, sometimes you will need to find clever workarounds to create a productive, open environment for your business.

If you have a small office space that is not set up correctly you can create a cluttered, uninspiring, distracting place to be. This can greatly hamper your productivity. By following our small office design ideas, you can create a comfortable space to sit and work that can greatly improve your results.

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Maximise Space with Your Layout

Having a well thought out layout is a great small office idea that can make an amazing difference from the get-go. Of course, in the current climate you should also take COVID-19 restrictions, such as social distancing, into account when making your layout. For further information on reorganising your office space post COVID-19, check out our previous article here.

Depending on how many people you have working for you, setting out enough workstations for employees is incredibly important to a business. Small office space layouts work best when you know exactly how much space you have to work with. Consider contacting your landlord to find out exact measurements from a floorplan. This will allow you to introduce some maths into the equation as you can position desks and storage strategically.

One small office idea you can do straight away is putting work desks together to create desk clusters. This is a great way to save space without losing any workstations. You could also consider putting your storage solutions, such as cupboards and bookcases along one wall to keep them from cluttering areas of your office.

Purchase Appropriately Sized Office Furniture

Having furniture that is appropriately sized for your small office space may seem obvious. However, you will often find that in most smaller offices there will be much larger desks and storage solutions than is appropriate. Office ideas for small spaces can often include convoluted advice that is not actually practical. This will usually lead to people overlooking the obvious, such as furniture size.

At Office Supermarket we supply a wide selection of smaller office furniture that can make a great deal of change in small office spaces. For example, the One cantilever office desk is a 600mm deep workstation that would be perfect for when space is at a premium. Similarly, we also provide small reception desks and smaller storage spaces, such as the 730mm bookcase.

Utilise Natural Light

A great small office design idea that could extend even further than the workplace is the utilisation of natural light from windows or skylights. In many offices there can be a lack of natural light as it will often be blocked with blinds or curtains. Sitting under artificial light from UV or LED bulbs can take its toll on overall morale and productivity, as well as giving the impression of a more compressed space. This type of overhead lighting can feel as if it is bringing ceiling level down on top of you.

It is generally accepted by respected interior designers that introducing more natural light sources can open up spaces and make smaller rooms look bigger. Even if you only have smaller windows, do not cover them up with blinds or curtains, let the sun in.


Keep Your Colour Palette Light

An office idea for a small space that can also be overlooked is your overall colour scheme. If you are able to paint or wallpaper your walls it is a good idea to keep your colour palette light This can be achieved by using either lighter colours or more neutral shades. Try and steer away from deep reds, burgundies or purples as these are often used for ‘cosier’ environments such as living rooms and pubs. Aim your palette more towards lighter blues, pastel shades of pink or greens. Or use neutral colours such as whites, magnolias and light greys as a means to open up your space.

Whilst you may have a colour scheme for your business, you should definitely consider decorating your office space with a lighter shade of your main business colour. For example, if your logo is a darker royal blue, consider decorating your small office space with a lighter shade of the same blue. Another great small office idea is to introduce accent walls. If you would like to stick to your colour scheme then consider only painting one or two feature walls in that colour, and the rest in more natural, lighter hues.

Colour palettes for office rooms

Making Space for Small Home Offices

Over the course of the COVID-19 pandemic more and more people have had to begin working from home. This can be a problem as the majority of houses are not equipped for home office work. Usually, people will find themselves sitting in their spare bedrooms with a small, cramped picnic table for a desk.

We are here to help. Our small office ideas also relate to home offices. We are proud to supply a number of home office desks, home office chairs and home office storage systems to give you the perfect means of utilising even the smallest home space.

If you follow our small office ideas then you should begin to notice a difference with how much space you have. If you have any questions about our small office design ideas, or if you would like to learn any more information regarding any of our products, do feel free to get in touch with our friendly and helpful team.

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