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What Will The Future Office Look Like

What Will The Future Office Look Like

Everyone looks to the future, it’s natural. People often consider what their environment will look like in the future in terms of their home life, yet one question often remains unanswered; what will the office of the future look like?

On average we will spend around 3,500 days in the workplace during our lifetimes. Much more time should be spent considering how our offices will look going forward considering we are going to need to adapt as they do. The future is hard to predict. We have considered both the near future, as well as far, in our run down of the future of the office environment.

The Near Future

The near future is a little vague. It could be ten minutes, or it could be 3 years. We have decided to define the near future as from tomorrow up until five years. A lot can change in this time period, but it is a certainty that the office environment will adapt as this time goes by.

Lasting COVID-19 Measures

It is no secret that Covid-19 will have an affect on what the office of the future will look like. In fact, It is already taking effect. Office buildings have once again begun to be inhabited on a day-to-day basis, but the way they operate has already drastically changed.

Office screens have become part and parcel of the modern-day workplace environment, being utilised as a means to keep your workforce apart and at a safe social distance. Hand sanitising stations have been dotted around buildings and the office space will only continue to change as time goes on.

In the near future social distanced office desks will be the new normal, and staff will no longer be sat as close together as they used to be. As restrictions come to an end office spaces may begin to return to normal, but it is unclear when this may take effect.

Working From Home Becoming Normal

One thing that became a necessity for many employees during lockdown was the need to work from home. Office buildings began to empty, and jobs began taking place from home offices all over the world.

Companies may feel that this is something that can continue as a way to keep workforces safe, whilst also saving money on renting and powering office buildings. The office of the future could be your spare bedroom or even your shed, we have all of the solutions you may need to create an efficient workspace. Our range of home office furniture gives you all of the options you would have in your regular office, allowing you to keep working effectively in your own environment.

More Outdoor Spaces Being Created

Thanks to lockdown, everyone has become used to meeting up with people outside and thus many people have discovered the benefits of the outdoors. Getting light from the sun is an excellent source of vitamin D, and fresh air is proven to boost mood and productivity.

Outdoor office furniture area

Offices and employers may choose to make the most of this by creating more and more outdoor office spaces. Whilst putting office equipment outside such as computers is not possible thanks to the weather, creating break out areas or lunch spaces can be an effective way of boosting employee morale and efficiency. In the future, outdoor spaces will become normal in the office thanks to the benefits being highlighted during the pandemic.

The Far Future

But what about the further down the line? What will the office of the future look like 10 or more years from now? For our guide we have specified the far future as anything over 10 years from now. This time period allows for the development of future technology, whilst also remaining close enough to feel the changes will be feasible.

The Future of The Office & Developing Technology Integration

As technology develops, offices will adapt. 25 years ago the idea of having a personal laptop, wireless printer or mobile phone did not seem like a possibility. Now, all of those things are considered old technology.

It is inevitable that the future of the office will revolve around whatever the next future office product is developed. Whether it lies in smart technology such as Alexa or Google Nest products or something that is yet to be made, the office will have to move with the times.

Devices will become smarter and smarter, you will be able to tell a speaker to turn on your computer and email finance; or your printer may remind you about an important meeting you otherwise would have missed. The possibilities are endless.

More Natural Light Sources

Lighting is something that has not changed for many years in office spaces. When asking what will the office of the future look like, it is not a common response to mention lighting. For years, the bulbs used in workplaces have been linked with causing headaches and eye strain, so finding alternative lighting methods is important.

One of the biggest developments in modern lighting has been the introduction of natural light sources. Natural light as previously mentioned is linked to boosting morale and providing a source of vitamin D, so utilising it in office spaces can only be positive.

The future of office lighting may lie in products such as sky lights. Reinforced glass and bespoke design developments should mean that more and more buildings begin using these light sources. Large windows are also beginning to come more into fashion. These windows create vast amounts of light to enter a room without having to work on a roof. This is perfect for bottom floor office blocks.

Social office working environment

More Social Working Environments

Once people are allowed to be social again, the work environment should turn a corner and become a more inclusive, sociable environment. After over a year of being told not to see people, mental health benefits of human interaction have been thrust into the spotlight.  

Offices and employers will understand that the workplace no longer needs to be somewhere you sit in silence, segregated from one another. In the next ten years we believe that the office will become a place in which more sociable spaces are created. For example, our meeting booths create a face to face, comfortable environment that is perfect for a modern workplace.

Judging how something will look in the future is tricky, especially in recent times. No matter what the office of the future will look like, we will be here to provide you with the very best office solutions to ensure that you are not left behind. Browse our incredible range today or feel free to get in touch if you have any questions.

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