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Finding The Correct Commercial Office Chair

Finding The Correct Commercial Office Chair

Finding the right commercial office chair can be difficult with many different aspects to consider, so you want to make sure that your chair is the perfect chair for your function. With a good office chair, you will find it easier to do a job, as the stress on your back will be relieved. We know how important it is for you to be comfortable while you are at work, so in this article, we have put together the features that you should consider when purchasing a new office chair.

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Material and Chair Types

When it comes to purchasing a new commercial chair one of the first things that you need to consider is the chair type and the material you would prefer on your new office chair. There are many different chair types from ergonomic chairs and fabric chairs to leather chairs and mesh chairs, so it is essential that you pick out a chair which is going to support your daily work tasks. Breathable material is recommended for office chairs as they allow you to be more comfortable when using your chair for extended periods. Fabric is the most commonly used in offices, however, you should ensure that the chair has sufficient padding, so it is comfortable and provides support throughout the working day.


Finding the right lumbar support

In your search for the right office chair, lumbar support is something that should be at the top of your considerations. As you will be seated for long periods at work it is essential that your lumbar spine has the support it needs. The lumbar spine features an inward curve so if you sit for lengthy periods with no support, you could end up slouching and straining the structures in your lower spine. When picking out a commercial chair you should look for a chair with a lumbar adjustment for both height and depth, so you can find the right setting to support your lower back. When you have found the commercial chair with the right support it will help you to achieve posture more naturally as you can keep a supported correct posture throughout the working day.



As we mentioned in the previous paragraph lumbar adjustment is key when choosing a commercial chair that provides the right support for your back, so this moves us onto adjustability. When it comes to adjustability there is a range of features that you need to consider, this includes an adjusting backrest, seat height, seat depth, armrests and lumbar support. If your chair has the ideal adjustability options, it will allow you to be more comfortable at work and ease the stress on your back and spine. So, when purchasing an office chair, it is essential that you consider these adjustable options so you can modify the chair to your ideal options.



The final aspect of a commercial chair that you should consider is mobility. The right office chair will allow you to have free movement in your workplace. Opting for chairs with wheels and a swivelling seat is one of our recommended options as this will allow you to complete your work efficiently and collaborate with others if needed. Having swivel and caster elements will allow you to reach different spots of your workspace area so you can maximise efficiency. To have maximum mobility you will need to find chairs with casters designed for the floor surface of your workplace. The ability to move around properly in your chair will only make it more useful so make sure it is something you consider when purchasing a new office chair.


Now we have provided you with a list of the most important features to consider when finding the right commercial chair, it is now over to you to start your search. Browse the exceptional office chairs collection available here at Office Supermarket to find the perfect chair for your workplace today.

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