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3 Surprising Benefits Of A Height Adjustable Desk

3 Surprising Benefits Of A Height Adjustable Desk

We seem to hear a great deal of statistics and facts when it comes to office workers and their health, more so in recent years than ever before. But what has changed? Whilst those who work at desks have always been prone to more health issues, these consequences are becoming more frequent as the ways of the modern world take hold.

Quite simply we were born to move, however modern day technology is taking this away from us.

At the office everything is now on hand and we no longer have to move around to complete a task. Think about it, everything you need is held on your computer, you’ll have an office phone right next to you and a personal one in your back pocket, and it’s likely that a printer is in easy reach too. It’s not just at work either, it’s pretty likely that you spend your commute to work sat down and after a long day you’ll likely retire to the couch for a couple of hours in front of the television.

According to one study technological advances such as TV, phones, internet, email and social media have made us sedentary for roughly 50-70% of our day. So, instead of just reading about the damage your body is dealing with day in and day out, perhaps you should consider a height adjustable desk.

Natural Movement

Whilst a good quality ergonomic chair can provide great support and comfort it can only go so far when promoting health. Essentially getting up and away from your desk is key; in fact, recent studies suggest that we should be moving for a minimum of 5 minutes every hour. The sad truth is that sitting for long periods of time disrupts our metabolism, slows down circulation, effects our muscles and enzymes responsible for breaking down fats start switching off. As a result the risk of obesity and heart disease increases.

Whilst those with office jobs fear that leaving their desk wastes valuable time; they can instead invest in a height adjustable desk. Movement is imperative for spinal health, improving circulation and reducing muscle fatigue and height adjustable desks allow you to work freely in a variety of postures that can’t always be achieved when sitting.

Height Adjustable Desk

1. Increases To Energy, Improved Focus and Productivity

So, 3 o’clock hits and most of us begin to feel fatigued after our lunch breaks. There’s a slight struggle to focus as our bodies attempt to digest the delicious meal we’ve just devoured. However, you may be surprised to hear that a height adjustable desk can help you get through this low point in your afternoon.

Alternating between standing and sitting throughout the day results in constant energy levels which encourages better concentration. According to one study we found users of standing desks reported feeling significantly energised by 87% and as a result are 71% more focused and actively engaged in their work.

2. Reduced Aches and Pains

Most office workers experience some form of dull ache or pain in their neck & backs throughout the day, but many pass it off as an unavoidable side effect of the modern working life.

However, it doesn’t have to be this way. When standing the pressure on the intervertebral discs of your lower back is fairly low, much, much lower than when sat. Alternating between sitting and standing positions is critical to keep our bodies healthy and prevent illness as regular movement adjusts the amount of pressure being placed on the body. Standing also encourages us to maintain the natural “S” curve of our spine reducing back and neck pain by 54%.

3. Get Trim and Lose Weight

Despite working out and taking part in regular exercise many office workers still struggle with their weight, blood sugar and cholesterol levels. However, even when attempting to be fit and healthy out of office hours, another study we came across suggests that what we do in our spare time has little effect on our bodies if in fact, we’re sat for long periods of the day.

Alternating between sitting and standing can have greater effects on the measurement of your waistline, healthier fats and blood sugar levels and even lower BMIs in comparison with colleagues who choose to sit for 8 hours a day.

Invest in a Height Adjustable Desk

With the adoption of height adjustable desks and increased metabolism rates, there is a very real possibility that our nation of office workers could become healthier and experience a significant reduction in their risk of major disease.

For more information or to order a height-adjustable desk visit our website or call us on 0344 755 3018 to speak to one our team.

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