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9 Drawer Organisation Ideas to Stay Productive

9 Organisation Tips To Stay Productive in 2022

9 Desk Drawer Organisation Ideas

Desk drawer organisers help you to keep your workspace clear of clutter and “things you don’t use all that often”. While these relatively simple items of office equipment can come in very handy, they’re not the only thing you can create comfortable working environments that are conducive to productivity.

Part of maximising office efficiency involves creating a productive working environment. Start with your desk, and the rest should just fall into place. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of desk draw ideas such as desk pedestals that should keep your work environment organised and presentable.

Office Drawers

Desk Drawer Organisation Tips

Desks with storage are great for staying organised in the workplace. They’re convenient, accessible and often secure. Not only that, but they also keep clutter on your desk to a minimum. But too many people simply throw items they don’t immediately need into the nearest drawer — and that creates problems.

Fortunately, there’s a simple way to keep this often misused storage area tidy — desk draw organisers. But that alone won’t be enough. There are some relatively simple ways to ensure your desk drawer makes you more productive at work.

1. Remove Unused Items

Take a close look at what’s sitting in your desk drawer right now? Are there items you very rarely use? Are there things in there that you never use? These items, no matter how small, are taking up valuable space. But it gets worse…they’re stopping you from getting organised and being more productive at work. Find a new home for these items — and be ruthless!

2. Clean, Clean, Clean

It’s easier to keep an office tidy and organised if it’s clean. And there’s evidence to suggest that regular desk cleaning in the workplace is good for morale and productivity. Create a cleaning checklist for your office, and dedicate a few minutes each week to cleaning. It’s also a good idea to stock up on essential cleaning products in advance — so you’re never caught short!

3. Organise Drawers by Function

If office desk storage is in short supply, you have to create a plan to stay organised. Desk drawer organisers are a great start, but you need to use them in the right way. Dedicate a drawer for a specific function, and you should find staying organised relatively easy. For example, you could devote one drawer to everyday stationery and another to everyday reference materials. Create a plan that works for you, and make a commitment to stick to it.

4. Add Drawer Organisers

Devoting a drawer to a specific function is a great start, but what’s inside the drawer also needs to be tidy and organised. And that’s where high-quality desk drawer organisers come into their own. Simple, compact and highly functional, the right desk drawer organiser can free up space AND help you access the things you need quickly and easily. Something like the Optional A4 4 Compartment Tray is perfect for everyday stationery — and it’s also very easy to clean.

5. Create Labels

Once you’ve tidied and organised your office, the rest is easy, right? Well, not always. If you don’t keep on top of things, your office can quickly become a dumping ground for unnecessary stationery, old files and bottomless in-trays. Effective desk drawer organisation relies on a commitment to maintaining what you’ve started. Until you become used to where everything goes, label your drawers — and your desk drawer organisers — with their primary storage function.

Post It Labels

6. Utilise Cable Management Tools

If your desk is filled with a mass of cables, you’re wasting space and cluttering your desk with things that could prevent you from focusing. But there’s a simple solution — cable management. Whether you choose a simple method such as cable ties or invest in a new office desk such as the Maestro 25 Cable Managed Leg Straight Office Desk, getting those pesky cables out of the way will free up precious space.

Label Cables

A morass of cables tied together with trunking or cable ties can keep your desk clear, but what happens when you need to unplug a specific device? To make life easier for yourself, label each cable before you plug it in.

7. Keep Some Empty Space

What do you do with that important memo your boss hands to you out of the blue? Where do you put that file you’ve just put together for an important meeting. To ensure you remain productive and organised, you should make drawer space available for contingencies. However, avoid the temptation to simply throw anything in there. Keep the space free for vital items — and always find a permanent home for it as soon as possible.

8. Try to Go Paperless

Why use paper when a digital file will do? Let’s face it, even in today’s environmentally conscious society, there’s far too much paper in modern offices? But it doesn’t have to be that way if your business commits to a paperless policy. You won’t need an ever-expanding filing system, and you won’t need to devote precious space on your desk to endless memos, customer correspondence and action plans. And you'd save a lot of money on office filing cabinets!

9. Consider a Desk Pedestal

Are you running short of drawer space in your office? Or have you run out of office drawer organisation ideas? The perfect solution could be a desk pedestal. Designed to slide right under your existing work desk, a desk pedestal provides you with additional storage that’s both accessible and versatile. When you don’t need the additional space provided by your desk pedestal, simply roll it away. 

Something like the Mobile Under Desk Pedestal is perfect. Available in six colour options, this three-drawer unit is fitted with wheels and a brake. Wheel it into place, and when you’re happy it’s in the perfect spot, apply the brake and enjoy your additional storage space. Just don’t forget to purchase additional desk drawer organisers.

Remember to Add Your Own Style!

Of course, desk drawer organisation shouldn’t all be about hard work and menial tasks. In fact, you can have a lot of fun with this crucial part of staying organised at work. Stylise and personalise your storage with desk drawer organisers and various office desk accessories. You’ll find everything you need to stay organised at your desk while adding your own style to your workspace at Office Supermarket.

Desk Drawer Organisation FAQs

How much do desk drawer organisers cost?

There are some very practical and functional desk drawer organisers available at Office Supermarket for less than £20. Comprising several dedicated storage compartments and an easy-to-clean design, they’re perfect for making the best possible use of your available drawer space.

How do you keep drawer organisers in place?

There are several ways to keep your desk drawer organisers in place. And this is an important issue, as organisers that slide around every time you open or close the drawer can send the contents flying everywhere. A lot of people rely on wall adhesive or putty. Double-sided sticky tape can work, but it tends to lose its effectiveness in warm, humid environments. Alternatively, buy a desk drawer organiser that’s roughly the same size as the width of your drawer’s interior.

How do you set up a desk drawer organiser?

The first thing to do is decide what should be in there and what’s not needed. If you don’t use something at least once a week, it should have a permanent home away from your desk. Once you’ve decided what should be in your desk drawer, dedicate a section of your organiser for each type of item. For example, one section could be devoted to pens and pencils. Another could be set aside for paper clips and staples. What goes where depends on how you use your office space, so think about it carefully before you begin organising.

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