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What Is The Standard Office Desk Height?

What Is The Standard Office Desk Height?

The standard office desk height is 73cm. Most manufacturers work to this standard because it has been shown to suit people who are 5' 10" tall — just about the average height of a man in the UK. But what happens if you’re smaller or taller than the average man? Let’s face it: most women are significantly shorter than this.

The average height of all people in the UK is five feet and nine inches. While ergonomic desk chairs allow you to select a height that’s perfect for you, selecting the optimal desk height isn’t quite as straightforward. But to ensure you have the correct sitting posture at work, both need to be perfect. That’s why we have put together a brief guide to working out the correct desk height — based on your specific measurements.

Why Does Desk Height Matter?

Put simply, the ideal desk height facilitates the perfect sitting posture and how you work at a screen. We spend around 67 days sitting at a desk every year, so choosing a desk that suits your frame is essential.

Affects Your Posture

When you’re at your desk, the height of your chair, your height and the height of your desk all combine to dictate your posture. Ideally, your feet should be firmly planted on the floor and your upper legs should be parallel to your feet. Your back should be straight, your shoulders upright and your forearms flat on the desk. If your desk is too high or too low for your height, your bad posture could eventually lead to significant pain and discomfort.

Affects Your Line of Sight

Sit down in the proper sitting posture at your computer. Ideally, you should be able to look at it while keeping your spine completely straight. But if your line of sight is too low or too high, you may need to stretch your neck, shoulders and back — maybe without noticing it.

The Correct Desk Height For You

Fortunately, there’s a simple rule of thumb for working out the perfect desk height for you. Simply work out your height in inches, add one and change the inches to centimetres.

For example:

  • Your height = 5.5 feet or 66 inches
  • Add 1 = 67 inches
  • Change to cm = 67cm

When you choose an office chair, don’t forget to measure your existing desk. You might need to swap it with a colleague or purchase a new one. As you can see, this person’s ideal desk height is 67cm —six cm less than the standard desk height.

How to Sit At Your Desk

Once you know your desk height is perfect for your height, you’re halfway towards a great sitting position at work — the rest is up to you. Keep your back straight and against the back of the seat. Your feet should be planted flat on the floor, and your thighs should be parallel to your feet. You should also be able to rest your forearms flat on the desk in front of you. You could also consider a keyboard tray to help even further.

How to sit at your office desk

Best Armrest Height

Make sure your desk and chair are both set at the right height for you. Then you can concentrate on the height of the armrests. Sit down on your office chair with your arms pointing down to the floor. Set the height of your armrests so they’re level with the point of your elbow.

Desk Height Calculator

At Office Supermarket, we like to make buying office chairs for back pain and office desks as simple as possible. Just enter your height — in inches — into our desk height calculator to find out the perfect desk height for you. You can then browse the products that will facilitate a good sitting posture and protect your back.

Is an Adjustable Desk Right for You?

There’s a great range of high-quality adjustable office desks available at Office Supermarket. They’re great for large offices, as the same desk can be continually adjusted to suit the user. It depends if you will be sitting or standing, and who else will be using the desk. If it’s just you who’ll be using the desk, it’s probably best to stick with a standard height desk.

Benefits of an Adjustable Desk

If you're not sure whether to buy an adjustable desk or a standard option, consider the benefits of having an office desk you can alter according to the height of the user.

Improves Posture

So you’ve researched the ergonomic chair meaning, bought a great product and set it to the perfect height. But that may be all for nothing if your desk isn’t the right height. An adjustable desk allows you to alter its height in seconds for the perfect sitting position.

Improves Circulation

Did you know that poor posture is a contributing cause of high blood pressure? This happens because of the increased blood flow and heart rate that results from spending long periods in an unnatural position. Having an adjustable office desk allows you to maintain a good posture at all times while at work.

Reduces Back Problems

A bad posture can cause your spine to curve while you’re sitting. Over time, this unnatural position can lead to significant pain, discomfort and immobility.

Lower Risk of Developing Cardiovascular Issues

A desk set at the right height for you makes better posture at work easier to achieve. And better posture usually equals improved circulation — which can, over time, reduce the risk of developing cardiovascular issues.

Increases Productivity

Research has shown that office workers who are comfortable and pain-free at their desks are considerable more productive than those who aren’t. In this respect, investing in adjustable desks for your office team may deliver savings and productivity increases in the long run.

Height Adjustable Desk

Recommended Adjustable Desks

An ergonomic office chair from Office Supermarket offers lumbar support while you’re sitting at your desk. But if your desk is too high or too small for you, this extra support could go wasted. That’s why buying adjustable desks for your office is so important. Everyone can create the perfect sitting position — reducing sickness, improving morale and boosting productivity.

You’ll find a fantastic range of adjustable desks right here at Office Supermarket. Featuring simple adjustment mechanisms, hardwearing materials and quality craftsmanship, these high-quality products all have the potential to pay for themselves in just a few months.

If you’re looking for large, multifunctional desks that make the best possible use of space, take a look at the Advance Height Adjustable Corner Desk, which is available in eight different colour and material combinations. Motorised legs allow the user to adjust the height of this exceptional desk in a matter of seconds.

For a simple, modern look in your office, the Crown Height Adjustable Workstation is perfect. It’s a multipurpose desk which you can adapt to almost any office-related task. Two motors power the lifting mechanism that alters the height. Together, they’re capable of lifting up to 100kg, so you don’t have to clear the desk when you need to make an adjustment.

If you simply want an affordable yet reliable option, the Mini Height Adjustable Desk 1000 x 600mm will serve you well. Featuring anti-collision motors and a range of accessories, it’s a high-quality solution to bad posture in the workplace.


Are ergonomic office desks worth it?

Yes, height adjustable office desks are more expensive than standard alternatives. However, we believe they pay for themselves over time — in the form of increased productivity in your workplace. Because they allow everyone to set the perfect desk height for their needs, no one has to suffer in silence with bad posture. Over time, this should give morale and productivity in your business a big boost.

Are height adjustable desks comfortable?

Yes, but only if they’re set at the right height for the user. Use the formula listed above to work out the ideal desk height for you. And make sure your office chair is also set to the perfect height.

What does an ergonomic workstation look like?

An ergonomic workstation is one that’s designed to make your day-to-day duties easier — and more comfortable. For most people, the combination of an ergonomic office chair and an adjustable desk will create an ergonomic workstation that improves posture and, therefore, productivity.

How do you sit in an ergonomic chair?

You should sit on an ergonomic chair with your back touching the backrest, your spine straight and your feet planted on the floor. It’s also vital that your desk is set at the right height; otherwise, your ergonomic chair won’t deliver all the benefits it’s capable of.

What is the standard height of an office desk?

The standard desk height is 73cm (28.7 inches)

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