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Office Workers Dreaming Of A White Christmas

Office Workers Dreaming Of A White Christmas

Office workers are dreaming of a White Christmas – as sales of White office furniture are reported to have almost DOUBLED in the run-up to the festive season. We have seen a rapid surge in demand for White office desks, and psychologists believe it could be linked to increased optimism - as the economy shows signs of recovery.

White Desk

Business psychologist Caroline Gourlay said: “Psychologically, white is associated with optimism and hope. White office furniture, in particular, tends to look futuristic and modern – even when it has a retro ‘60s feel, it still somehow points towards a brighter future.

“People tend to prefer traditional, familiar styles when they’re looking for security and reassurance. So, if there has been an upsurge in sales of more modern looking White desks, it suggests optimism from business about the way the economy is going. “I’d guess that those companies kitting themselves out in white furniture in the run up to Christmas are anticipating a prosperous New Year.”

David Snaith, from award winning architect firm STAC in Leathermarket
[Bermondsey/Southward], said the white furniture they recently purchased  reflected their ethos for clean lines. He said: “We like the clean lines and the fact that it looks sleek. It’s fresh and aesthetically pleasing and reflects our ethos for simple, elegant designs. I believe the bright, airy look is helps create a productive and optimistic workplace too".

The firm has worked on a range of projects, including Nando’s restaurant across the UK and Ireland. Its design of Nando’s Loughton, which used up-cycled car bonnets and a wall made with locally sourced clay from the Thames, won the restaurant of the year award from the Restaurant and Bar Design Awards.

Many people decide on a White desk as it can help towards creating a brighter working space, and a more relaxed environment generally. Our White desk range has styles and looks to suit all budgets. Whether you're looking for a bench style White desk or a more traditional range of White desks then we have something to suit.

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