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White Office Desks Buyers Guide

White Office Desks Buyers Guide


So its time to buy a new office desk or maybe several, and you have decided you want a white one. Great. but are all white office desks created equal? well we take a look at everything you need to know to get the right white desk for you. 


White office desks vs white home office desks:

Typically desks are either created with use in the office or at home in mind, thats not to say you can't use either type of desk where ever you want just that some of the characteristics are more suited to either use in the office or home office. 

For example a white home office desk will often be more compact, designed to fit in the smaller rooms we typically have at home rather than the large open spaces of commercial offices, they will often also feature integrated storage below the desktop or as a supporting leg feature. 

Whereas desks designed primarily for use in commercial offices tend to be larger giving more space to work at and more room for movement under the desk. As they are designed to be subjected to high wear, high use areas the materials used are generally more robust and designed to stand up to the pressures of a commercial environment. 


White office desk materials:

When it comes modern office desks in plain colours such as white, there are really two main options for the top finishes MFC or Laminates so what's the difference?

White MFC desks - MFC stands for Melamine Faced Chipboard, this material is used for the vast majority of office furniture, it allows for consistent sizes and finishes to be produced relatively cheaply whilst still being strong and durable. Most white MFC's are a matt finish to stop glare from overhead lights. 

White LPL desks -  Melamine is an organic compound made by heating an acidic crystalline compound. When combined with other chemicals, it becomes a plastic resin. Melamine laminate is created when the plastic resin is added to a paper base. It is considered a low-pressure laminate. when compared to MFC the LPL finish is more expensive but is also fire retardant and anti bacterial. 

White HPL desks - High pressure laminate (HPL) is created by reinforcing layers of high-quality kraft paper under heat and pressure. The resulting material is a hygienic 0.8mm thick and flexible sheet material with one decorative surface. It is tough, durable and resistant to water, moisture, chemicals, heat, abrasion and general wear and tear. HPL is also fire-retardant and anti-bacterial. To achieve a strong finished panel, HPL must be bonded to a high-density core board.

HPL is ideal for areas with high foot traffic and can withstand reasonably robust conditions.

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